45 open my eyes

By Ica Annajmi - 18:11

Hahhh, today was very hard for me. hmm not only hard but also bored day . Actually not hard in real meaning but 'hard' in different meaning. today I got try out from QR (quantum revolution). oh GOSH! for you know, I was very afraid. why? because this try out was a big try out ever since I was in third grade at quantum with 730 participants (only for the first session). and I was alone in my room, I Now I don't wanna explain much about that. at 5 o'clock I saw the result and I SAW MY NAME IN TOP 50 from 730 participants . I could not say anything, *just whispered Alhamdulillah in my heart :D*

but, there's something wrong when I heard my friends' gossip. They said that in their room, they could work together. it made me so proud with my result. I worked by myself without any helping from other. And it worked! Alhamdulillah with honesty I got best result .

I told my parents about my result, my parents said it was so amazing . . yeah. . for me whom did not STUDY ! I told my mom that my friends could work together, whereas me ? I worked by myself, I tried to be honest when i did it but why was the result still gone bad ? whilst all of my friends got higher than me, maybe like a childish I whimpered. I could not think as well as I could.

unpredictable my father opened my eyes, he said that I don't need score, moral !
he said, "very easy to get higher score but very hard to embed your moral . .
you don't need to think about them whom get their score with billion ways, only focus on yourself. what you must do now is preparing yourself more for next test ?"
YEAH ! I must think it and FORGET other things like my father said,
Still I am not satisfied with this, I am sure I can be more than this :)

45 ? NOT BAD!
for this case I'm satisfied of my result, my own result without any helping.

do all the things you can do HONEST, WHOLEHEARTEDLY, CONFIDENCE, SURELY *etc and GOD WILL DO THE REST :)

and now 21.50
I must take a sleep or I will get some 'barking' from my boyfriend . :))
oh, almost forget!
I just got bit chatting with my boyfriend, he said he's proud with me (again) even I did not get first rank or top ten, for him I am the best .
and he told me so many things :)
loveyoumyboyyyyy :*
*mmmh, sounds crappyyyyy. but Love it boy*

can I said to you something ?
I have an almost perfect day today .

: ...
well guys, this is my first post with english. hmm, so many mistake right ?
so sorry, but I'll try to be better .
hehe so classic :)

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1 komentar

  1. ehm ehm... saya juga jujur...
    sebenarnya bisa aja nanya2, byk orang yg bisa ditanyain. but I was not tempted.

    ua merasakan hebatnya kejujuran dalam ujian saat kelas tiga ini. walaupun nggak sempurna hasil yg didapat tapi jujur buat kita bangga. :)

    bu ayu and mam rau, they open my eyes.